Sunday, May 26, 2013

Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down 2013

If you've never been to one of the Farm Sanctuaries, it's a must do for any new or veteran vegan. We've gone the past three years, and this year I thought it was especially important as Ava is very aware of our vegan lifestyle. She's always asking, "Is this vegan?" or saying things like, "Some people are vegan and some people are not." I wanted her to understand the heart of why we do it, and I know she had a blast.   If  you are the only passionate vegan in your family, bringing them here is a great idea, as the passion at Farm Sanctuary is so contagious. I had told Jason about the horrors of factory farming time and again, but it wasn't until he heard a presentation on a rescue operation of some egg-laying hens from Turlock, Ca, that he turned to me and said, "Ok, I'm done with eggs." He had already been done for a while, but the decision was now solidified. By the way, here is there famous "Tofu Egg Salad" they serve every year, along with so many other goodies. And look at the cool water bottle! 

 Here's my happy vegan kid.

After lunch is time with the animals, and I must admit, I was like "been there, done that." But once we were done and sat down to the amazing speakers, I knew why I came. What is amazing is each farm animal has a personal story that we as humans can empathize with. Here is my amazing dinner.

After dinner is a hoe down with lots of dancing which Ava loved! Timothy Pachirat, author of "Every Twelve Seconds" and one of the key speakers, danced with Ava, gave her high fives, and told her how cool it was that she was vegan. I seriously love this place!  

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