Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vegan Super Bowl Party~Buffalo Lettuce Wraps and "Chicken"&Waffles

So our superbowl party was months ago, but these "Chicken"&Waffles and Buffalo Style Lettuce Wraps have been on my mind ever since! Perhaps I delayed the post thinking I'd make them again, getting a good picture of each in perfect outside lighting, but this blog is about real life, so here you go! What was special about this party was all the yummy vegan dishes that our amazing non-vegan friends brought! I'm talking homemade hummus with homemade taro chips, fruit salad with chili powder, and marinated mushrooms. Jason and I are lucky vegans to have such positive and open minded friends. Now about these two gems. I've been fascinated with the chicken and waffle concept for quite sometime, and when I saw these mini frozen waffles I knew I had to make mini sammies. The mustard-mayo has just a touch of mustard for that sun-kissed look. As for the lettuce wraps, I heard about the "wing shortage" leading up to the superbowl, and I wanted to honor America's love of buffalo wings, just for the sake of tradition. However, these have an Asian flare to them, because that's just me. So without further ado, the recipes are...

1 recipe Tofu Nuggets
2 boxes Earth's Best Organic Mini Waffles

2 cups Vegenaise
2 Tb yellow mustard

Make the tofu nuggets as directed except slice the nuggets into squares instead of rectangular strips.
Wildwood Extra Firm Tofu in the double pack is the perfect shape and texture. Each block makes 8 perfect slices, for a total of 16 in one pack, and 32 in two.

Bake the waffles as directed. There are 32 pieces in one box, so two boxes will give you the perfect amount for 32 sammies. Its simple to cut the recipe in half for a smaller crowd!

Mix mustard and mayo. Does it get any easier?

Arrange the sammies.

Asian-Style Buffalo Lettuce Wraps
2 bunches butter lettuce
4 cups prepared white or brown rice, 2 cups dry
20 oz package Super Firm Wildwood Tofu
2 Tb white or whole wheat flour

Honey or Agave-Sriracha "Wing" Sauce
2 Tb olive oil
4 Tb lime juice
4 Tb honey or agave
2 Tb Sriracha (I use Trader Joe's)
2 ts soy sauce
1 ts salt
1 ts garlic powder
1 ts onion powder
Oil for deep frying

Mix ingredients for the wing sauce.

Dice tofu into bite sized pieces and place in a dish or container. Sprinkle the flour over the pieces and mix to coat. Heat oil on medium and wait until it's shimmering. Oil should sizzle when a piece of tofu is dropped into it. Deep fry tofu until golden brown.

Add pieces to wing sauce and mix to coat.

Arrange the lettuce cups with rice and tofu pieces.