Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back To Basics: The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday I had a blast reviewing all the recipes I've saved since going vegan about two years ago. Its kind of like reminiscing with your spouse about when you first met. I remember the first thing I learned while exploring a plant based diet was, "wow, deserts are so easy!" They are no different from egg and dairy deserts, and often better. Vegan cookies don't have to taste like breakfast bars either. These Chocolate Chip Cookies from Post Punk Kitchen have an outer crunch reminiscent of Famous Amous, and a melt in your mouth center. Put them side by side with standard non-vegan cookies, and you will wonder why eggs and dairy were ever put on such a pedestal. I've made these several times, and always use whole wheat or spelt flour instead of all purpose. Don't be afraid of using whole grain flours in baked goods. They still come out delicious! The recipe calls for a Tb of tapioca starch, which I actually had today, but I've used arrowroot powder in the past with great results. Cornstarch should work fine too, according to the reviews on her website. Oh, and you won't be needing any Earth Balance Butter to make these cookies.

When it comes to sugar, I always use organic, natural cane sugar. Its just like regular sugar, but its a slightly brown hue, and slightly less processed than the typical white stuff. I love Florida Crystals brand because the packaging is eco friendly, and its sold at a very affordable price at Smart&Final. Today, I found that I did not have anymore cane sugar, but had a bag of Florida Crystals Demerara Sugar. It was a great substitute. Its a rich, golden sugar with a hint of molasses.

Isa Chandra, the creator of Post Punk Kitchen, is the author of many famous vegan cookbooks, and is a great resource when it comes to vegan baking. If anyone out there is considering a more plant strong life for their New Years resolution, rest assured that cookies are NOT off the table. Just follow the link above for the recipe!


  1. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Sasha from Kale With Love

  2. happy new year, anneka! i just bought a blender!! so i hope that you will be posting beautiful vegan smoothie and pudding recipes in 2012!!! :) xxx