Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mobetta Vegan Deviled Eggs With Caviar

I am so impressed with the way I reinterpreted these deviled eggs by Monique a.k.a Mo at Mobetta Vegan. The key ingredient here is the black salt. It has a sulfuric quality identical to egg yolks. I read about black salt a while back in Isa Chandra's Vegan Brunch, but of course it wasn't available at any grocery grocery store and I never bothered to order it online. Then a few weeks ago, I saw a package of Hawaiian Black Salt at Marshalls for just $1.99. I know, its not the Indian kind specified in these types of recipes, but I figured it would be close. Well, lo and behold it really did have that egg like quality. In fact it was dead on. Mo uses the black salt in the bean spread, but I sprinkled it on top in place of her vegan caviar. Thats the genius part! Also, I used chickpeas instead of white beans because thats what I had on hand. 

I ate half the tray in one sitting. Later that night after running errands, I brought what was left to the in laws where Jason and Ava happened to be. We have very special family here visiting this week, so we are always there! I excitedly gave one to my tofu hating husband and he said quote, "It tastes exactly like a deviled egg." He also later said it was the best tofu he's ever had. Then when my mother in law tried one, she immediately said, "It tastes like an egg, how did you do that?" Even my father in law liked them, and I've never known him to be a tofu guy! 

I already knew I would bring them to our special family dinner the next night.

Why so special? Ava's cousin Sienna, who is just a year older than her, is visiting all the way from Hawaii! Thats where her daddy, Jason's brother, is stationed. She came with just her mommy Jolee while Daniel is on leave. All week these two girls have been running around screaming to the highest decible. 
Here they are eating corn. Ava loves corn.
Jolee's dad on the left asked if the tofu was made of "cheese" and I said, "yeah." Am I bad?! He didn't seem to notice! The kind soul on the right is my father in law.
Oh, I also brought a salad with my Cool Ranch Dressing, which my ranch loving sissy gave a solid thumbs up! By Sissy I mean Jason's sister! She never orders any thing at a restaurant without a side of ranch. Also, my father in law is lactose intolerant, so he was finally able to enjoy it as well.

Here is the recipe for the deviled eggs!

1 15 oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1/3 cup Vegenaise
1 Tbs yellow mustard (I forgot to add the mustard in mine, but next time I will definitely use it!)
1 Tbs dill relish (the dill relish is part of her older recipe, you can skip it if your not a fan)
1/8 ts turmeric
1 ts garlic powder
1 ts dried minced onion
1 ts sea salt
1 ts Hawaiian Black Salt for sprinkling
1 1/2 packages 15 oz extra firm tofu

I skip the part in her recipe that says to boil the tofu in vinegar and water. Slice the tofu into squares. I got 27 I think, but that will vary depending on how thick you slice it. Place squares on top of a paper towel lined plate, and place another paper towel on top to pat dry.

Puree all ingredients except for black salt and tofu in a food processor until smooth. Store in the fridge for at least 40 minutes to help it firm up, then pour into a piping or sandwich bag. Pipe the bean spread onto the tofu squares and sprinkle with black salt. A sprinkling of paprika and chives would be good too.

If your a vegan and miss deviled eggs, give these a try! Next time I'm going to make an egg salad sandwich by crumbling up the tofu and mixing it with the bean puree and black salt.

Read more about black salt and other cool salts here.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I have been missing and craving eggs--especially deviled eggs at Easter and other family gatherings!! The thought of eating an egg grosses me out and puts the craving at bay; so I'm so glad for this, as I've been wanting to mimic a vegan deviled egg. Can't wait to try them out!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! My mother in law makes the best deviled eggs, and I did love them in my pre-vegan days. The memory of it came back as soon as I bit into one! I think they would be great for easter. You could even pipe the bean spread on veggies for the tofu phobic! Although I love the egginess of the tofu!